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HIPAY, an ultra-secure service

HiPay wallet : the guarantee of maximum safety!

Security of payments

  • Data Encryption: Encryption and security of part of payment card numbers avoiding any risk of diversion
  • Bank Transactions with SSL protocol – Secure Socket Layer – confidentiality of bank information and secure transactions.

Privacy Policy

  • Demanding identification protocols: Temporary password to be modified during the first connection (when registering or losing a password).
  • Regular verification procedures by the control team.
  • No transmission of personal data to merchant sites without authorization. Anonymity respected.
  • Any modification of personal data carried out by e-mail with verification of identity.

Anti-piracy system

  • Identification via a virtual keyboard : Access security enhanced.
  • Expiration of session : after an inactivity of 30 minutes, re identification necessary.
  • In case of abnormal activity : Blocking the account and setting up an investigation procedure.
  • Protection anti-phishing : a key anti-phishing is needed when registering to verify that HiPay wallet is the sender of each correspondence. Modification possible at any time.


Always check

  • The source of contacts :only emails no-reply@hipay.com come from the HiPay wallet Customer Service. However, it is also better to check that the Anti-Phishing key is present in the e-mail.
  • The Anti-Phishing key : Information required at registration, must be present in each correspondence. It also makes it possible to verify the identity of our account managers during telephone conversations from HiPay wallet. This can be changed in "Personal Information" and "General Information".
  • The address of the site: any link to the HiPay wallet website, includes the domain name: https://www.hipay.com/….
  • Securing the site: when paying a purchase on a site featuring HiPay wallet as a means of payment. The pop-up navigation bar should indicate https://www.hipay.com/ ... with the information that it's a secure page.
  • Disconnection after use: always disconnect after disconnecting from the account.
  • Updating browsers:Major browsers such as Firefox © or Internet Explorer © have filters that detect phishing sites. For more security HiPay wallet recommends a regular upgrade.

Security Principles

  • Never give a password by e-mail or telephone.
  • No email from HiPay wallet asks for the update of personal data. When receiving this type of email, do not reply and inform HiPay wallet.
  • Check the authenticity of HiPay wallet callers by requesting the personal anti-phishing key


We accept payments by bank transfer.

However, no order will be processed or shipped before verification and receipt of the total payment of the invoice amount to our bank account.

Delays in delivery will therefore be delayed.