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Our brands
Our brands

At Sherkane, you'll find the best brands for your canine and feline friends

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  • Eden
  • A-Crocs
  • Escapure
  • O'Canis
  • Fleischeslust
  • Akyra
  • Canumi
  • Boil & Broth
  • Kiwi Walker
  • OENK9

    This SPANISH company is born from a desire of absolute safety for our companions and manufactures high quality robust products with patented industrial design.

    The range Oenk9 is highly appreciated and used by the police and the army.

    All materials used come from official suppliers of different armies around the world and meet MILSPEC standards. The quality and reliability is no longer to prove!

    The name Oenk9 is a wink to Neo, the couple's beautiful Husky, who accompanies them everywhere and regularly plays the ambassador for the brand.

  • Sodapup
  • Lickimat
  • Rogz

    The company Rogz was founded in 1995, in a beachfront apartment by kitesurf enthusiasts. The product development is still going on at the beginning, on a surfboard, by a beautiful weather, on a beautiful beach in Cape Town ...

    The motto remained the same: Let's Rogz and Roll!

    The Rogz collections are sporty and colorful. Rogz perfectly combines solidity, security, modernity and guaranteed total freedom of movement to your pet.

  • Aloké

    In the beginning, Fabienne and Thierry worked in women's ready-to-wear and developed their own brand of leather fashion accessories.

    Passionate about animals, their dream was to be able to live one day of this passion.

    It was then that in 2011, a simple vacation in the Canary Islands turned their lives upside down. They discovered a refuge for abandoned dogs and had a crush on Paco (a Podenco Canario), which they adopted and brought back with them to Belgium.

    By wanting to create a leather collar for Paco was born the desire to make a leather collection for dogs under the name of Aloke (BELGES high quality creations, entirely made in EUROPE).

  • Milk & Pepper

    Sylvain Brejon, former artistic director for major children's fashion brands, imagined Milk and Pepper in 2009.

    Known and recognized in the dog and cat world, Milk (Trendy) & Pepper (Rock'n'roll) is a trendy and quality French brand, suitable for small dogs, bulldogs / pugs, greyhounds and cats. EUROPEAN Manufacture (EEC).

  • Puppia

    Puppia is the abbreviation of PUPPY & UTOPIA.

    Puppia is an international group of fashion designers for dogs.

    Having a knowledge of animals, a great experience for many years in the world of fashion and a strong sense of design, the fame of Puppia is well established.

    The Puppia collections are highly appreciated by owners of small breed dogs as well as cat owners (Catspia).

  • KONG®

    The toy KONG® is from the USA and was born thanks to a German Shepherd by the name of Fritz.
    The dog, without knowing it, gave the idea to the future creator of Kong (the idea of the matter and the form was torn off of an old car and deposited on his knees by Fritz).
    The Kong Classic was launched on the market in 1976.
    The toys are made from Kong's own natural rubber and exclusive, safe for animals and designed for chewing.Most are still made in the USA.

  • Aqua Coolkeeper

    Aqua Coolkeeper is a manufacturer of cooling products for pets and humans. The company was founded in 1992.

    The products offer protection against heat stroke for you and your pet.

    Effective from 1 to 5 days. No need for energy, only need water!

    Dermatologically tested in a German laboratory, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Washable and reusable.

    Aqua Coolkeeper, No. 1 in Europe for over 11 years!

  • Hunter

    HUNTER company was founded in 1980.

    It is a traditional family business, specialized in the production of high quality accessories for dogs and cats.

    Manufacture of necklaces, harnesses, clothing, beds as well as care and hygiene articles, toys and innovative snacks.

    Their main range is made in GERMANY.

  • Puppy Angel

    Puppy Angel develops and designs fashion items for pets.

    The brand is known and appreciated by dog owners of small breeds for its design and quality.

    Puppy Angel was created by the group of fashion and art designers in 2001.

  • Quadra

    Quadra is a Belgian craft company founded in 2005 and specialized in the textile making of bedding and ready-to-wear for dogs and cats. It makes it possible to support 3 families.

    It is aimed at specialized stores wishing to stand out from classical pet shops and which adhere to the Quadra philosophy, namely: to fight the Chinese import (quality / price ratio, too high) and to prove that in the end, buying Belgian does not come back more expensive (quality and durability).

    Realization of 100% BELGIAN collections in season or according to the customer's wishes. Many possibilities and premium quality.

  • Jolly Pets

    The company was founded in 1994, initially as Horsemen's Pride.

    It is because of the success with the Jolly Ball Original designed for horses that Horsemen's Pride changed its name to Jolly Pets.

    Jolly Pets innovates and develops superior quality products for pets of all sizes.

    Their mission is not just to make a toy, but to enrich the lives of our companions with quality, durable, fun and creative products.

    Some toys are still made in the USA.

  • Chuckit !

    Since 1998, the Chuckit brand offers an assortment of recovery toys that enrich and strengthen the human-animal bond.

    Chuckit toys are recognizable by their bright colors, mostly orange and blue.

    They are thought for the sole purpose of bringing an interaction between you and your pet and strengthening the bonds that unite you.

    For the past 20 years, Chuckit has focused on throwing / rapping games that are highly appreciated by our dog friends, including the iconic thrower.

  • Pipolino

    Pipolino is a portable bowl and a 2 in 1 toy, developed by a veterinarian concerned with the welfare of animals and in order to avoid many diseases.

    Pipolino SARL is a French family owned company designed to design, manufacture and distribute innovative products for the health and welfare of animals, and to benefit all pets.

    French made.

  • Major Dog

    Their TÜV certified articles are intended for the training and training of your pet. They were developed in cooperation with trainers and dog owners.

    Several years of research and testing have been required to meet the high demands of quality and functionality. The items are made with durable, quality materials to meet the specific needs of dogs.

    Major Dog is a registered trademark of Nobel Creativ GmbH.

  • Cat-on

    Cat-on is a family business located in Berlin. All items are made in GERMANY and in a traditional way.

    Because all cats love cardboard boxes, Cat-on had the idea to develop cardboard furniture, elegant and fun for cats. The corrugated board used is strong, contains a high proportion of recycled materials and is made in Germany.

    Their items are design, functional, durable and environmentally friendly. The raw materials are of high quality. The products are odorless, formaldehyde free and solvents free. The adhesives used are safe and therefore totally harmless.

  • Dogzilla
  • Haute Diggity Dog
  • Aikiou
  • Pinkaholic
  • Angel & Gladys

    Angel & Gladys is a mark of quality, comfort and design intended mainly for dogs of small breeds and cats.

    The items are made in EUROPE with care. Choice of quality raw materials and neat finishes.

    The brand is known and highly appreciated in the canine and feline world.

  • Pretty Pet
  • Doxtasy
  • Julius K9

    The family business started in 1997, in a garage of 15m2 which served as warehouse ...

    Julius: comes from Sebő Gyula (German version), one of the Hungarian owners and the inventor of the products.

    K9: Julius Sebö had his first dog in Budapest at 9 Kele Street.

    The couple lived in Austria where Gyula was a dog trainer, member of the Budapest Rottweiler Club and the Austrian Association of German Shepherds in Vienna, and saddler trainee at the Neizer harness workshop.

    In 2003, the unique and innovative K9 dog harness was a hit at the World Dog Show in Dortmund. The first requests come from police units with service dogs.

  • Icepeack

    The Icepeak firm founded in 1996 in Finland, is one of the largest sportswear brands in Europe with a range for humans and dogs.

    Affordable prices, quality materials, functional details and trendy design are key factors in the brand's success.

    Icepeak offers a selection of colorful and modern sporting goods for all outdoor conditions.

  • Happy House

    Happy House is a Dutch company that makes quality, comfort and design items for dogs and cats.

    Happy House offers beds, decorative items and jewelry. A unique collection, cozy and timeless that fits perfectly to your lifestyle and your interior.

    Because animals are part of our daily lives, here's their slogan: "Pets, your lifestyle"!

  • Innopet
  • Diamex

    The Diamex Laboratory is a Belgian company and a reference in cosmetics and animal care products for more than 45 years.

    Diamex designs quality natural products by combining its know-how, its experience in research, development and manufacture of products in the concern of the well-being of your animal.

    The entire Diamex range is made in BELGIUM.

  • Hery

    FRENCH manufacturer for more than 30 years.

    Laboratoires Héry is a brand specialized in high-end animal health and beauty, recognized and appreciated by professionals in more than 30 countries.

    They offer several lines of care adapted to the coat of each animal.

    All Héry products are produced under veterinary control.

  • United Pet

    The company United Pets was founded in Milan (Italy) in 1999 by Cristina Rivolta and Costantino Psilogenis, anxious to offer quality accessories at the start, for their pets.

    Uniteds Pets has quickly become a market leader thanks to its Italian design and the quality of the materials used (polypropylene, durable and scratch resistant).

    In 2002, they obtained a reward with the Bon Ton (bag dispenser).

    Their mission is to offer innovative, high quality and aesthetic products.

  • Artero

    Artero is a Spanish company with over 100 years of experience in the world of professional dog grooming products.

    Their products are made in SPAIN.

  • P.L.A.Y.

    P.L.A.Y (Pet Lifestyle And You) is a company located in San Francisco USA and founded in 2010.

  • Pet Sport
  • Swarovski

    Daniel Swarovski's know-how in crystal cutting defined the Swarovski company founded in 1895.

    Thanks to its passion for innovation and design, Swarovski has become the world's leading brand of cut crystal jewelry and accessories.

    Today, the brand and Swarovski products are appreciated all over the world and are mainly in the fields of fine jewelery, glasses, watches, ...

  • Weenect
  • Pioneer Pet
  • D&D Home
  • Injoya
  • Almo Nature
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item