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Animal sans Toi...t

Animal sans Toi....T

Any donation to ASBL Animal sans Toi...t entitles you to a tax reduction of 45% of the amount given (provided donations reach 40 € in one year).

Ferme de Viemme

Rue de Huy, 188

4317 Viemme (Faimes)

Ferme du Rouvroi

Rue de la Boverie, 18

4460 Horion-Hozémont

The refuge Animal sans Toi...t organizes a donation campaign as part of l'opération carrelage

Help them, they really need you!

Building a building for dogs and cats


Project summary
Development of a kennel and a cattery
and a reception area for visitors

  • group all animals on one site;
  • welcome the adopters to Viemme.

Budget: from € 200 to € 250,000 for:
  • Renovation of the stable
  • Dismantling the hangar
  • Construction of the kennel (16 loges)
  • Construction of the cattery
  • Development of the reception area
As much as possible, the shelter and its volunteers will do so to avoid labor costs.

By offering a tile at the shelter, you will receive, after the registration of your payment, a 5% discount voucher on your future purchases on our website sherkane.be (accessories and snacks for animals).sherkane.jpg

Boxer'Ami Belgique


Recognized in the public interest,

The association BOXER’AMI

is born from a terrifying observation:



The association is above all the story of a common passion, a passion for these wonderful dogs that are boxers.

Since November 2015, we have allowed a lot of boxers to be adopted, for the greatest happiness of dogs and their adopters in France as in Belgium. If you wish to adopt, one of our volunteers will agree with you of an appointment, in order to promote the adoption of this adoption, the purpose of this meeting is to identify your wishes and capacities of reception, this also having as objective to propose you a profiles boxers corresponding to your way of life.



klODKS5fNhJ.png https://www.facebook.com/pg/BoxerAmi-Belgique-951188038286909/

t7zX2ECfVwX.png //www.boxerami.org

oOfSsM_zvYq.png Christel : 0495 129 837

oOfSsM_zvYq.png Dominique : 0477 417 078

j6RRNSQTuuG.png boxerami@brutele.be

L'assiette des 4 pattes asbl

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L'assiette des 4 pattes was born in 2015. Located a few kilometers from Liège, in a small village where people want to respect animals and nature.

Our association is based only on mutual assistance between humans and animals in a suitable environment.

Specifically, the 4-leg attitude acts on the one hand by providing assistance to animals and their families and on the other hand, by contributing to the environment of animals.

This year 2015, we have been able to bring several hundreds of kilos of feed for dogs, cats, horses and old donkeys to various shelters as well as to several families having concerns (pecuniary and / or mobility) as well as adapted products for cares.

Finally, the 4-legged plate is managed by animal lovers having for each their specialties

Collections of PMC caps

We collect the plastic plugs in exchange for which we will receive money that will allow us to continue our actions to help animals in need.

Corks accepted:

Plastic caps MAXIMUM 12 cm in diameter: beverage caps, washing powder, milk, toothpaste, .....

Corks refused:

Caps of more than 12 cm in diameter, metal stoppers, medicines, chemicals, ....


oOfSsM_zvYq.png Appeler 0497 11 64 64
klODKS5fNhJ.png https://www.facebook.com/pg/assiettedes4pattes/
j6RRNSQTuuG.png assiette4pattes@gmail.com
t7zX2ECfVwX.png //www.assiettedes4pattes.be