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About us

Young married couple of the Liège region, we deeply love animals.

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, birds have always been part of our lives.

Today, we are the "happy parents" of Zayon, our dog and Chicha, Koumal, Pancho, our 3 cats, for our greatest happiness!

We always want the best for them but do not necessarily find it.

That's why we decided to create our SHERKANE E-shop so that the dreams of all animals finally become reality.

For your pets, you will find a wide range of items that meet their needs, pleasure and well-being, as well as a wide range of accessories to make them even more beautiful and crisp.

A high quality selection, trend, comfort that best suits your style and your interior.

With us, no articles that could be a hindrance to the freedom and well-being of your animals, it's a choice! They deserve the true life of "Pacha"!

We chose the name SHERKANE, in memory of our first dog, Sherkan, who shared the first years of our lives at 2.

We are very happy to welcome you in our shop, we wish you a very good visit!

Animalement ...

Val, Yvan 

and… Sherkan